Nutrition Clinical Research Unit

Research & Innovation are key for generating knowledge and improvements in the field of health and nutrition. The Nutrition Clinical Research Unit (NCRU), located at the Utrecht Science Park, is where we investigate how nutrition works in the human body by conducting high-quality clinical research.

The NCRU is an exclusive facility where we conduct high-standard clinical studies. With this research we investigate the role of specific nutrients and nutrient combinations in the human body, strengthening our ability to develop high-quality, innovative products and processes. The aim of the facility is to contribute to nutrition innovation by providing greater insight into how nutrition affects health.

Participant safety is paramount

Our teams of highly skilled researchers and qualified medical staff carry out research with both healthy volunteers and specific target populations, giving us important insights that drive and steer our product innovations. Participant safety is paramount; we work according to strict standard procedures of our Quality Management System, which is fully compliant with ICH-GCP as well as national and international regulations. In addition we are ISO certified (ISO9001).